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Bedrade magnetische sensor ismartgate

Bedrade magnetische sensor ismartgate, 10 meter kabel. Werkt samen met de iSmartgate.

Wired and waterproof magnetic sensor for all type of garage doors, gates and roller doors. For monitoring your door or gate status remotely with the ismartgate. Ideal for use on high traffic doors, whether indoor or outdoor.

WDS 01

10m long cable and 24# AWG gauge

The wired sensor WDS comes with enough cable for most residential and commercial applications.

WDS 02

No battery required

This sensor does not require batteries. Ideal for gates or garage doors with lots of traffic.

WDS 03

Easy to install

The wired sensor WDS can be screwed or pasted to a gate, whatever you prefer. Connection to GGG2 is via cable screwed in ports 7 to 10.

WDS 04


The wired sensor WDS can be used in all kinds of environments. Ideal for outdoor use or areas with severe temperature changes.

WDS 05

2.5 inch gap

The wired sensor WDS includes a potent magnet with 2.5 inch gap to detect status on all kind of gates, no matter the conditions.

WDS 06

Real time alerts

Receive alerts when your door is open, closed or left open on your Smartphone or via email. Gogogate2 device required.

WDS 07

Compatible with roller doors

The wired sensor WDS is also recommended for use in roller doors and shutters.

De bedrade magnetische sensor ismartgate is verkrijgbaar bij Secumatic B.V.

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