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Bovengrondse Lusdetector

Bovengrondse lusdetector CS303-DB-50 met gemakkelijke installatie., IP69, 12-30V, 5m of 10m kabel. Deze bovengrondse lusdetector is ook verkrijgbaar in ondergrondse versie.

Vehicle detector, above ground install., IP69, 12-30V, 5m or 10m cable.

CS CarSense vehicle detector. CS303-DB50 sensor with 50ft cable used for vehicle access control.

Unlike loop detectors, this does not require multiple cuts and corner reliefs for installation. Simple cut a single straight cut for the cable. Drill a hole to install the sensor vertically or widen a straight cut for horizontal mounting.


  • Automatic gates
  • Barriers
  • Drive-thru and car wash vehicle detection
  • Truck/lorry detection at loading docks
  • Vehicle counting in car park and toll booths
  • Truck and tow-motor detection for industrial gates and doors

The CarSense 303 features advanced 3-axis, magnetoresistive sensing technology. The sensor measures Earth’s magnetic field and responds to disturbances caused by ferrous objects. The CS303 combines this exciting new technology with a field-proven hardware platform to produce a high-sensitivity, compact, cost-effective solution for reliable vehicle detection. Three sensing elements provide magnetic field measurement in the X, Y and Z axes, improving detection sensitivity.

  •  Three-dimensional presence detection of vehicles
  •  Select X, Y and/or Z axis independently
  •  Stand-alone sensor with solid-state output
  •  Sensor stores ambient background and settings in non-volatile memory
  •  Remote control module for programming and additional relay contact output
  •  Fast response for high-speed detection
  •  Easy, low-cost installation
  •  ULTRAMETERTM display indicates the sensitivity setting required to detect a vehicle Detect-On-Stop (DOS®) feature will allow detection only when a vehicle has come to a complete stop on the sensor. This is a worldwide unique feature to EMX detectors. It is a major advantage if you want to ignore cross traffic in tight spaces.

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