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Draadloze magnetische sensor ismartgate

De draadloze magnetische sensor ismartgate in combinatie te gebruiken met de ismartgate voor uw hekwerk of poort.

Waterproof wireless sensor for roller doors and outdoor gates. Monitors your gate door status, temperature and sensor’s battery condition remotely.


Real time alerts

Receive alerts when gate is open, closed or left open on your Smartphone or via email. Alerts for gate temperature and battery condition are available too. ismartgate controller (PRO/LITE) required.


Magnetic sensor for gate status recognition

The wireless sensor GWS will read the gate status position.


Battery and temperature sensors

The GWS sensor also monitors the temperature in your garage and its own battery conditon.


2.4 Ghz Frequency

The GWS uses a 2.4Ghz frequency range to avoid interferences with LED lights or existing remote controls.


Long lasting batteries

2x Type-N 1.5V batteries that will last approx 18 months.


4 digit secutiry code

The iSmartgate system uses a 4 digit code for communication between Wi-Fi controller and wireless sensor.


50ft range

The wireless sensor GWS can communicate with the Wi-Fi controller at a distance of up to 50ft. For large sliding gates, sensor should be mounted close to iSmartgate controller.


Easy to install

The wireless sensor GWS easily mounts in your gate with double side tape or with a pair of screws. Magnet always installed in moving part.

De draadloze magnetische sensor ismartgate is verkrijgbaar bij Secumatic B.V.

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