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Driveway Alert Sensor

De driveway alert sensor CS202-50

The CarSense 202 Driveway Alert Sensor is based on the well known CarSense 101 design. It has single piece design, making installation easy. The CarSense 202 is suitable for many applications, including safety, security access control, and solar applications.

Benefits include:

  • Sensing probe is buried to protect against vandalism
  • Wide range of power supply options
  • Easy installation
  • Low current consumption, making the CarSense 202 Slim a great choice for solar applications
  • Easy to integrate with security control boards, gate and door operators
  • Power supply: 9-41 VDC or 6-29VAC (not to exceed 35V peak) +/- 10%
  • Stand-by current: 250uA maximum
  • Detect current: 12 mA maximum
  • Single piece, slim design

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