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Aura™ CM-54 (surface square) CM-55 (flush square) and CM-57 (flush round) illuminated push plate enclosures and switch kits provide high visibility and enhanced user convenience in ADA compliant automatic door and other applications.

‘i’ and ‘GR’ illuminated models offer 3 additional features: selection of backlight color activation, audible sounder confirming switch activation and Form ‘C’ contacts to switch your device.

Aura™ illuminated mounting boxes are compatible with the widest range of 4-1/2″ All-Active push plate switches in the industry. Options include a complete selection of stock and custom graphic designs, 9 architectural finishes (including polished brass and bronze), water tight and weather resistant models.

CM-40, CM-45 and CM-46 Push Plate Switch Kit Graphics:
‘X’ in illuminated switch kit model numbers indicates stock graphic option. Graphic options ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’ and ‘8’ are at no extra cost. For additional CM-40, CM-45 and CM-46 graphic options, add $30.00 list.

Aura™ Restroom Control Signs:
Add suffix to Aura™ switch kit to add instructional restroom sign. To order restroom sign separately, add prefix ‘CM-‘ to option number (e.g.: CM-SE1)

Lazerpoint RF™ Wireless Compatible:
Aura™ illuminated push plate switch enclosures are designed to support Lazerpoint RF™ wireless transmitters. Aura™ illuminated switches require 12/24V power.

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