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Fotocel set tot 35m

Fotocel set IRB-MON

Fotocel set is een weather proof infrarode fotocel oplossing die ervoor zorgt dat er niks tussen automatische deuren, poorten en hekwerken vast komt te zitten.

The IRB-MON is a monitored, weather-proof, thru-beam infrared photoeye solution providing entrapment protection for doors, gates and barriers. The IRB-MON Safety Photo Beam is UL325-2016 compliant and housed in a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The universal design of the IRB-MON allows it to be used with a wide variety of monitored operators. Additionally, it is compatible with most non-monitored legacy products.

The IRB-MON has 4 monitoring interfaces:

  • Normally closed
  • Two-wire pulsed (2 freq)
  • Two-wire pulsed (3 freq)
  • 10k resistive termination

The IRB-MON addresses a wide variety of external entrapment protection needs due to its long range, thru beam detection technology and selectable frequency feature.

Benefits include:

  • Easy installation and set-up.
  • Robust: suitable for high-reliability entrapment protection applications.
  • Lens-less design minimizes fogging and false triggering and provides easy alignment.
  • Long operating range.
  • Type B1, non-contact sensor
  • UL325-2016 compliant
  • Lens-less design
  • Simple 2-wire connection
  • Relay contacts available
  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Selectable frequency modes
  • Operating Range: up to 115 ft. (35m)
  • Detection Angle: 24°
  • Sensitivity adjustment: potentiometer


Optional Accessories
  • Gold anodized aluminum protective hood
    • Gray powder coat steel hood
    • L-shaped mounting bracket
    • Liquid tight strain relief connector
    • Set of nylon mounting screws with nuts

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