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Infrared technology, automatic door activation and safety sensor. Accurately adjustable detection area eliminates false door openings in busy urban environments. Featuring, Door Learn and Uni-directional detecting technology. EN16005 compliant, with dual relay outputs.


Timely Door Opening

  • Adjustable 2m detection distance ensures timely door openings.
  • Ideal for sliding doors installed on busy high streets

Energy Efficiency

  • Unidirectional detecting technology reduces building energy losses by as much as 15%.
  • Accurately adjustable detection area reduces false door activations


Pedestrian Safety

  • Door learn technology provides unrivalled pedestrian safety.
  • 3 row infrared safety curtain protects pedestrian in the vicinity of the closing door.
  • Monitored safety system.
  • EN16005 compliant.

Reduced Time Onsite

  • Installation instructions printed on the sensor body.
  • Pre-configured, EN16005 compliant dip switch settings.
  • Intelligent software eliminates site call-backs caused by false door activations.
  • One piece sensor body construction prevents parts getting lost or broken during installation


HR100-CT: Dual Relay Output Pedestrian Door Activation + Monitored Safety

Detection Method: Active Infrared Detection

Installation height:  2000mm to 3000mm (6.5ft to 10ft)

Sensor Dimensions: 230mm (W), 70mm (H), 44mm (D)

Presence Timer: 2s, 30s, 1min and infinity (Inner 3 rows) 1sec (Outer 2 rows)

IP Rating: 54

Power Supply: 12 to 24V AC or DC ± 10%

Power Consumption: AC12V-2.1 [VA] (Max), DC12V-110 [mA] (Max) AC24V-2.1 [VA] (Max), DC24V-60 [mA] (Max)

Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C, (-4°F to 140°F)

Weight: 250g (0.55 lbs)

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