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Miniature sliding & swing door activation sensor. Uni-directional detecting technology for reduced door hold opening times. Turtle mode for enhanced pedestrian safety. Microwave technology.

Large Detection Area

  • Large detection distance ensures timely door openings for doors approached by shopping trolleys or fast moving traffic.
  • Adjustable radar antenna to the right/left or up/down allows the detection area to be focused where it is required


Swing Door Compatible

  • Uni-directional detecting technology allows the HR50-UNI to be used as an activation sensor by mounting above the hinge on the swing side of swing doors


Pedestrian Safety

  • Turtle mode maintains detection of slow moving pedestrians as they approach the door

Energy Efficiency

  • Unidirectional detecting technology reduces building energy losses by as much as 20%


HR50 & HR50-UNI: Pedestrian Door Activation

Detection Method: K-Band 24.125Ghz – Microwave Motion Detection

Installation height: Max 4000mm (13.1ft)

Sensor Dimensions: 120mm (W), 70mm (H), 41.5mm (D)

Presence Timer: infinite

IP Rating: 54

Power Supply: 12 to 30V DC, 12 to 24V AC

Power Consumption: 40mA (DC24V)

Operating temperature: -30°C to +55°C, (-22°F to 131°F)

Weight: 91g + 160g(box)

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