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Industriële deursensor

Onze industriële deursensor (SECR20 series) is de perfecte sensor voor installatie op industrie deuren. Deze nieuwe technologie industriële deursensor leveren wij sinds kort aan onze klanten en krijgen hier erg positieve reacties op. De SECR20 series leveren wij ter vervanging van ons vorige model industriële deursensor type 1167RC.

  • Microwave detector for controlling industrial doors
  • Mono / bidirectional
  • Power supply: 12-24 V ac / dc
  • Absorption: 50 mA max
  • Range: 1-10 meters adjustable
  • Relay Pulse: 1-6 sec. adjustable
  • Protection: IP 65
  • Installation height: 6 meters max

The SECR20 microwave movement detector controls the opening of factory gates and automatic doors. It can be installed at a height ranging from 3 to 6 metres and guarantees the surveillance of an area from 3 to 30 square metres .
The device will be automatically activated by moving persons or vehicles within the controlled perimeter.
SECR20 has been developed using planar technology, and can be set in mono-directional (to detect movement either in forward or backward direction) or bi-directional (activated by movement in both directions). A microprocessor processes the signals received – generated through a Doppler effect – and sends an OK to the opening command.
A LED on the front panel indicates that movement has taken place inside the controlled area.

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